The World's First Cricket Simulator Venue

Inspired by the age old game and all its ceremony, the Sixes Cricket Club social entertainment concept invites challengers to test their batting skills against some of the worlds finest bowlers, all recorded on a global leaderboard! Fusing cutting edge elite sports technology with the finest English gastro pub food and drink in a relaxed and shareable format, the Sixes experience is wildly infectious to both the cricket professional, complete novice and sport loving kid.

Proudly Inclusive

On many levels, sport is changing. What stays firm is its power to unite. Together with technology partners, BatFast, Sixes Cricket Club offers an all new and exciting take on the much loved sport of cricket that lifts it away from the traditional Club environment, and defies the English weather whilst delivering an experience that can be powered up or down depending the challengers age, experience and skill. Used by none other than the English cricket team, the challenger enters the nets where they flex their skills against bowls delivered with pin point accuracy, appropriate to their level. Scores are recorded automatically on the global Sixes leaderboard ready for future challengers to take on! Complete with Clubhouse, Pavilion and a food and drink offering to rival Lords, the Sixes Cricket Club experience proudly transcends demographic and cricketing skills to delver a brilliantly inclusive experience for all. Players, spectators, corporate groups, families, diners and thirsty friends alike are cordially welcome at the Club - we look forward to seeing you.