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Good Old Office Party

If you prefer some relaxed team building drinks over doing trust falls in a mandatory seminar, why not treat your team a good old office party. After all, watercooler talk and themed Slack channels can only take you so far. From cricket batting and virtuality reality experience, to the Best of British BBQ and delicious cocktails, Sixes Cricket offers a range of experiences designed to satisfy your taste buds and have the team bonding.

Bond By Batting

Nothing pulls a team closer than the connections players make in challenging sports, gaining trust on and off the field while fostering friendly competition in a vibrant and lively setting.

Fun And Enjoyable

Whether you are in need of some new hire orientation icebreakers or want to encourage your team to learn about eachother without hearing a chorus of groans, you want your team building day to be fun and entertaining. Sixes Cricket has it all. Fusing cutting edge elite sports technology with the finest British gastro pub food and drink in a relaxed and shareable format.