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How did two Scotsmen end up launching Sixes Cricket Club?

Sixes Cricket Club is the new Social Entertainment project from the boys, Calum Mackinnon and Andy Waugh, behind London’s much loved Scottish dining stalwart, Mac & Wild. A first of its kind, Sixes Cricket Club invites guests to experience the traditions of one of the World’s oldest games in a whole new light - think Cricket Simulator batting nets housed within your favourite neighbourhood Gastro Pub and you’re starting to get the vibe! With the first 2 ‘Clubhouses’ now open, the future is exciting with more nationwide expansion plans in place from later this summer. 
Calum and Andy are thrilled to be creating a brand that delivers an inclusive, first-class dining experience alongside a high octane competitive cricketing experience. The Sixes Simulators are driven by the brands industry leading technology partners, Batfast Sports, whilst Mackinnon and Waugh have poured their signature passion for produce, atmosphere and wholesome dining experiences into the Club’s Food and Drink Concept.  A day at the cricket is about so much more than just the play - Sixes is no different! Open for Lunch and Dinner, with a brunch offering in works, the menus are inspired by the greatest elements of British Gastro Pub culture, presented in a relaxed and shareable way. 

From corporate days out to family weekends with the kids, Sixes aspires to be a welcoming, fun filled venue that offers a whole new take on social entertainment. 

'Ultimately, what we did at Mac & Wild was truly from the heart. We believe deeply in the joy that can be experienced when you combine great food and drinks, a brilliant atmosphere and loved ones! We’ve designed the Sixes menu in a Gastro Pub style, working with the finest seasonal ingredients and served in a relaxed way that make them perfect to enjoy whatever the occasion. We’d love to see as many familiar and new faces in the Clubs over coming months - please pop in and say hi if you are in the neighbourhood.’ - Andy Waugh
So, how did two Scotsmen end up launching a Cricket Venue?

In short, the inception of Sixes Cricket Club comes down to marrying together two shared passions: great food and a love of sport. As mad as it sounds, Sixes is indeed founded by two Northern Scots - not exactly an area best known for its cricket! 
After 15 years in London, the cricket bug and its culture had well and truly taken hold of the foodie duo. Keen to find a social entertainment concept to add extra theatre to their delicious food offering, the pair stumbled across the brilliant simulator technology from Batfast and the Sixes concept struck them like a Chris Gayle six. The tagline 'Eat.Drink.Bat.' was born, and Calum and Andy endeavoured to make their dream a reality. 
“We’d long loved all the brilliant social entertainment concepts popping up across London but often felt somewhat disappointed by the food and drink offering that accompanied” 
"In some ways, Sixes was a form of cathartic creative process as we wallowed in the dark doldrums of Covid lockdown 1.0. Perhaps it was the denial of all the things we love most during that time, but the clarity and vision we had from the very first day has been overwhelming. Eat.Drink.Bat rolled off the tongue within the first 5 minutes of discussing it.

As passionate foodies, the English Gastro Pub scene had long spoken to us. For anyone who’s followed us over the years, you’ll know we’re pretty simple guys. We’re completely driven by great produce enjoyed in relaxed settings with the best of company - throw in a dash of sport and we’re happy campers! We had long discussed starting a Gastro style pub in London, which makes the Sixes adventure even more exciting!" - Calum  Mackinnon

Sixes Cricket Club is Calum and Andy's newest home, approaching things with a very similar mindset to Mac & Wild - fine British produce served in simple relaxed ways for all the family, friends and fellow cricketing challengers to enjoy. While the cricket is the novel, the pair are passionate about ensuring the venues are just as delicious and welcoming to those simply eating and drinking as those looking for a spot of cricket on the side!